Christmas is almost here and we know how stressful getting presents can be. 

So, once again, American Socks is here to solve all your problems 😉

You might already know that we have gift boxes ready for you to buy and give away. As simple as that.💥 Three pairs of our socks with a common theme and a custom box made for them💥 

BUT, for this Christmas season we have created two gift boxes, of course Christmas themed, that work a little bit differently🎄 

This time, YOU can choose the socks that will come with your Christmas Gift Box and you can get 10% OFF ... 🧦

product photography of the two American Socks Christmas Giftboxes

It’s very simple:

🔥 Use the code HO HO  HO and get 10% OFF!

🔥 Choose your three favorite designs

🔥 Get one Christmas Gift Box


 And, of course, everything WITH NO EXTRA CHARGE 💸 

So, basically, get THREE PAIRS of socks and get a FREE Christmas Gift Box 🤘🏼

Giving gifts has never been this easy! Three epic socks inside an even more epic gift box! 💥

Product photography of the American Socks Christmas Giftboxes

Designed by us, directly for you and your loved ones! ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

Don’t wait any longer because this will only be available during this holiday season! 🎅🏻 💫