New release: "Skater Skull" Roll Up Your Pants!

New release: "Skater Skull" Roll Up Your Pants!


 The sound of a skate sliding down the road. The impact of the board when hitting the sidewalk. The roar of the air as it enters a subway mouth. The noise of the vehicles when getting out of it. The screech of the wheels when braking. The fast rhythm of the genuine Barcelona. From MACBA to Badalona, any spot is rad.

Skater Skull arrives with strength, a new design by Mixergraph from your favorite sock company. Fully printed.

Roll up your pants and put them on. Intoxicate yourself with the feeling of a city that borders hysteria.

Don't miss the giveaway on our Instagram profile. We're drawing 3 pairs of socks.

Available Online and in your nearest sock dealer.