The "GROEZSOCK" is Back! Pre-Order Now at a Special Price.

The "GROEZSOCK" is Back! Pre-Order Now at a Special Price.


When April kicks in you know it's that time of the year. Days get longer, daylight gets warmer and you start planning your summer adventures with friends. Unfortunately, with many months to go, your festival craving can't wait that long....what can you do about it?


Taking advantage of the Labour Day long weekend, Meerhout, a village located in Eastern Belgium, sees its population grow from 10.000 to 50.000. Rockers from all over the world gather to see live their favourite Punk, Hardcore and Metal acts while they enjoy a fantastic positive atmosphere on the fields where usually cows freely graze. This years lineup includes bands like Deftones, Parkway Drive, Thrice, Pennywise, Anti-Flag or the party is GUARANTEED!

American Socks has been a part of #Groezie since 2014. Last year we introduced the the Acoustic Stage, which, following the huge positive feedback is going to happen this year again. Same happens with the beloved want it, you get it!

With less than 30 days to go, you can PRE-ORDER online the official GROEZSOCK at a special Discounted Price. The Groez hero is here to protect your feet and ankles from any moshing warrior you find on the Back To Basics stage and to keep you warm during the coldest nights.

Choose from the following delivery methods:
- FESTIVAL PICKUP: You'll be able to retrieve it at our stand on the festival ground with an extra present. No shipping costs apply. 
- STANDARD DELIVERY: If you can't wait to get it, we can ship it straight to your door so you can have it before the festival. Extra present included 😉

A part of the sales will be donated to music related Non-Profit Organizations as we believe that music can change the world. 


Let's make socks great again!

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