Not sure what to wear? We've got you covered with American Socks! As you may already know, we are about to launch a new season, so what does that mean? Exactly! We are preparing to say goodbye to some products and once they're gone, they won't be making a return. :( To help you say goodbye, we have created four looks using these discounted products: Give them the goodbye they deserve.👋 

 1. Gate Crasher

Walk the streets in this outfit and make your mark - you won't want to miss it!⚡️

American Socks look 1

📍Find it here! Shenron - Mid High

2. Rocking the Streets

For those who embody the essence of rock 'n' roll.🤘

American Socks look 2

📍Find it here! Surf and Destroy - Jacket - Vacay Mode On - T-Shirt - Heart on Fire - Mid High

 3. Stay Awake

Edgy & Retro is always a good match and I'm sure you can nail it with American Socks.🤝

American Socks look 3

 📍Find it here! Live Now - Long Sleeve - Miami - Mid High

4. Good Good Things
You can walk your dog, do the grocery, go to work or even a hardcore concert with this outfit. I don't know, I'd get it if I were you.🤷🏽‍♀️

American Socks look 4

📍Find it here! The End is Near - T-Shirt - Love Everyone - Mid High