How To Wear American Socks?🤔 part 3!🔥

How To Wear American Socks?🤔 part 3!🔥

Once again we are back with our wonderful tips! 😎 In the last post we talked about the magnificent world of colours and designs: the way we show how cool we are and how we can make a difference in the world of fashion. But what really shows style and that you care about your outfit is the quality of the products, and in socks even more so! So grab a notebook and pen and write down the laws of American Socks. Ready, set, go!✍🏼         


This is a must if you wanna give a long life to your socks but also for your comfort. I'm pretty sure you already know that, but you CAN'T wear the same socks to go for a walk with your friends on a spring afternoon and to climb a mountain on the coldest winter day.😵 For this reason, at American Socks we offer you three types of socks, from here on it's up to you.

Ankle High, Mid High, Knee High and Ultra High☁️

These are the classic ones, for all people and all tastes. They are made in a Eco Friendly Cotton Mixture and you can choose from a variety of cuts and colours. Designed for action with cushioning throughout the socks for a more secure, comfortable fit with a greater impact protection. Perfect for any season!

American Socks Mid High socks specifications image


Signature Collection⚡️

Ready for action? These socks are a must-have if you are an extreme adventurer. Made with an upgraded Coolmax® blend for enhanced comfort and elasticity and moisture wicking technology these socks will keel up with your adventures. Go skate, run or whatever you want with all the style and the coolest designs.😏

American Socks Signature Collection socks specifications image


And for those who are not only looking for extreme activities but also for extreme weather conditions... Our knee high SNOW socks are the best option! Made with Technical Wool-Nylon Blend to keep your feet warm and breathable in the most extreme situations. Don't let the cold stop you!🏂

American Socks Knee High Snow socks specifications image


First of all: clean them. I know is common sense... but really CLEAN THEM. After one use. You should use cold water, avoid bleach and wash them with clothes of the same colour. It would be a good idea to cut your toenails to prevent unwanted holes. Nobody likes people with holes in their socks. You know what mummy used to say, always wear clean underwear and clean socks, you never know when you'll have to take your shoes off. 

Don't worry, we have we have made a video so that you don't mess it up.😌

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