How To Wear American Socks?🤔 Part 1!🔥

How To Wear American Socks?🤔 Part 1!🔥

Who could need a blog on how to wear socks? Well, we know that they may look like a simple garment... But we can assure you that it is far from that. Plus, we're sick and tired of seeing people wearing them wrong.😩 So we've decided to create a post for all of you to get all the juice out of your socks. Ready for part one sockers? 🆙


First of all you have to choose the right length for you and we won't fool you, there is a sea of possibilities. This will depend on different factors, such as the activity for which you are going to use the sock, the weather or just your personal taste. The super cool American Socks team has prepared a cheat sheet so you don't mess with your decision again. 👍🏼

• Ankle High

You go for the basics, that's ok. Ankle High is the perfect sock length if you don't want the socks to be the main character of your outfit. Sometimes for work or personal tastes we have to wear more discreet socks but that should not be a reason to refuse to keep your feet warm and protected from scratches and blisters. They can also be a good option for hot days, as you know, the less fabric the less heat. And hey, they look very cute, I personally like them a lot. But please, avoid too short socks. They suck.

American Socks Ankle Length

 • Mid High 

You know we are well known for them, huh? 😏 These are sock heaven, take my word for it. You can wear them in literally any occasion because they are sick. These amazing socks are perfect to add a sparkle to your outfit, we have a bunch of designs and colours to choose so it can match -or unmatch- your colour palette. They are also great for impact sports such as skateboarding or BMX, that fabric that goes up the calf will prevent many fatal blows, although if it comes to sports we strongly recommend using our Signature line, but we'll talk about that a bit later.

American Socks Mid Length

 Knee High

Now things are getting interesting! These socks are the BEST if you want to spice up even more your outfit. Socks to the knees? A big YES but only for the fearless.😎 They are also a good choice for cold days or for those who wear very high boots, it stinks when you notice the leather hooking to your skin as you walk. We have them in a wide range of colours, so you can choose the one that best suits your needs.

American Socks Knee High Length

 Ultra High

If you wear them, let me tell you that you are the ultimate. They are funky but a must to get your outfit on top. Try them with skirts or shorts and you'll feel gorgeous. They are also very warm and fit super nice and snug on the thighs.💗

 American Socks Ultra High Length


Okay, we know we are getting into swampy territory, like when they ask which is better: Adidas or Nike, whether to pour milk or cereal first or whether the pizza should have pineapple or not -although absolutely not-. But man, it's time to abandon the stigma of sandals with socks.

At American Socks we work very hard, not only to have the most confortable and durable socks but also to have the coolest designs. And which is the best way of show a cool pattern? Yes, with an open shoe like... Yes, a sandal. We're not saying to wear socks with the moldy flip-flops from the pool that you haven't changed since elementary school, but there's a lot of cool combinations that you can make with these kind of footwear. You can try a comfy but chic with these or a more alternative vibe with these others. Whatever it is, there are a million possibilities, you just have to jump into the pool and choose the one you like the most. Or what, are you going to tell me they don't look super cool?

 Girl wearing American Socks with sandals

That's all! But just for now, stay tuned because there are more parts coming... If you need to know how to wear American Socks, this is your place. :)