World Cancer Day 2018. Fight Cancer with Socks

World Cancer Day 2018. Fight Cancer with Socks

Today we join the World Fight-Against Cancer Day. 

4th of February. 
For the first time ever, we issue a special edition sock to raise money for the fight against cancer. 

ALL Profits will be donated to NPO's doing research & development programs. We believe that through socks we can make a small contribution to raise awareness and help investigation to prevent and minimize its effects on humanity. Everyone's environment had or will have a close encounter with this disease. 

"FUCK CANCER - Mid High" will be available on all retails, festivals and online shop.
All donations will be posted on our website, featuring the amount of socks sold, the names of the buyers and messages you can write down in notes at checkout.

We'll announce the NPO's we made the donation to, every 15 Days.
If you want to make a difference, join us.
Cancer is Closer than Ever. Take Action.



Your Name & Message Will Appear Here.

  1. Barbara Christen
  2. Eva Gomis Ortuño
  3. Mattia Di rico
  4. Sandrine Seguin
  5. Rufino Gonzalez 
  6. Lara Cafiero
  7. Jaime Tadeo Arántegui Pareja
  8. Riccardo Magni
  9. Christopher Allwardt
  10. Alvaro Cano Sarria
  11. Lena Carreras
  12. Seppe Van Bouwelen
  13. Nerea Ferrer
  14. Jose Andres Berlanga Navarro
  15. Christopher Delgado
  16. Giovanni Zomparelli
  17. Jose Antonio Vazquez Louzao
  18. Nadia Villalonga
  19. Ana González
  20. Jordi Orellana