Exclusive State Champs Socks. Limited Edition Collaboration.

Ladies and gents, please welcome the lads in State Champs to the cover of Rock Sound!

To celebrate State Champs' new album 'Living Proof', we've teamed up with the band and to put together some super exclusive bundles for you featuring a deluxe knitted beanie, and limited edition Socks.

You can snag a merch or accessory bundle, with both cover variants, an exclusive signed poster print, and giant wall posters and so much more, all with FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING from SHOP.ROCKSOUND.TV


In the State Champs merch bundle, you get:

- Limited edition State Champs socks by American Socks
- Deluxe knitted beanie
- Hand-signed poster print
- Giant wall posters
- Shopify exclusive magazine
- Newsstand magazine