American Socks x Less Than Jake Socks.

American Socks x Less Than Jake Socks.

We teamed up with the legendary Ska-Punkers from Gainesville, Less Than Jake to design a collaboration sock for their official merchandise: Mid High and logo all around.

Less Than Jake are one of those bands that started back in the 90's and today they are still alive and kicking while putting out albums like "Live from Astoria" (2016) or "See the Light" (2013).
This summer they've been performing and messing up on Warped Tour under the slogan of "Make Warped Tour Great Again. We had to make it happen!

Inspired by the rasta colors, we built a sock that's ready for the extreme touring the band is doing on a daily basis.
For those who are there for the skanking, the reinforced heel, toe and a cushioned sole will keep your feet safe.

Remember, the guys are back in Europe during the next weeks. Don't miss them...and get some socks at their merch table!

american socks less than jake live collaboration old school rasta merch

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Oct 03 2016 - Bristol, UK
Oct 04 2016 - Sheffield, UK
Oct 05 2016 - Birmingham, UK
Oct 06 2016 - London, UK
Oct 08 2016 - Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK
Oct 09 2016 - Glasgow, UK
Oct 10 2016 - Manchester, UK
Oct 11 2016 - Bournemouth, UK
Oct 13 2016 - Cologne, Germany
Oct 14 2016 - Paris, France
Oct 15 2016 - Winterthur, Switzerland
Oct 16 2016 - Amsterdam, Netherlands
Oct 18 2016 - Berlin, Germany
Oct 19 2016 - Munich, Germany
Oct 20 2016 - Vienna, Austria
Oct 21 2016 - Schwanenstadt, Austria
Oct 22 2016 - Graz, Austria


less than jake american socks collaboration ska socks