American Socks opens a Pop-Up Store at Rec0 Igualada.

American Socks builds again a Pop-Up store within the REC18 experience. A unique off-stock fair you can't miss.

Rec0 Experimental Stores is the ephemeral transformation of an old industrial district in Igualada (Barcelona). Twice a year, and only for four days, the old factories and tanneries become fashion pop up stores where first-class brands sell their stocks and samples at unique prices.

Each edition of Rec.0 Experimental Stores different. New spaces are opened, many of them unknown, and new brands are also incorporated, so the sale circuit always changes. The visit in Rec0 is a good opportunity to find fashion of prestigious brands at unique prices in a very special environment that only transforms during four days. Afterwards, the neighborhood returns to normal, with an activity that mixes the tanning industry with design studios and other professions.

Find us at the StreetWear Zone and spend more than 30€ to get a free Beer! 
See u There!