9 Things you missed at Resurrection

9 Things you missed at Resurrection

Resurrection Fest is a rock music festival that takes place in Viveiro, Spain. This festival is held annually since 2006 during July or early August, and features mainly heavy metal, hardcore punk and punk rock bands. Since its birth it has become one of the most important music festivals in Spain.

That's why we want to recall the 9 Things you missed if you weren't last week in Galicia. 

1. Skindred.

American Socks Old School Stripped calcetines rayas

After enjoying this amazing Welsh band in 2015, they got invited to headline the first night of the festival. Playing Justin Bieber and turning it intro a Heavy Metal - Reggae anthem made sweat the sh*t out of a 7000 dancing souls. Impossible to disappoint.

2. Resu Kids at the Bad Religion Show

American Socks Old School Stripped calcetines rayas

Get back to the past, and imagine yourself being a 12 year old kid who loves Rock'n'Roll. Then your parents sign you up to the "Resu Kids", a special Club inside the festival.  While they drink and see their favourite bands, you walk through the festival field, meet bands, play instruments and end up watching Bad Religion onstage. Is this a dream? 

3. The Ferris Wheel

American Socks Old School Stripped calcetines rayas

This years novelty was a green Ferris Wheel. A 100% MUST DO, before leaving the festival. Gotta say we went twice, and its even more Heavy Metal than it seems. 
The wheel starts slow, but then speeds up surprisingly. Watching Volbeat from up there was amazing. 

4. The Offspring

American Socks Old School Stripped calcetines rayas

The Californian band is now playing for 32 years. Who didn't grow up listening to Self-esteem or Kids aren't Alright? If you missed their show you didn't go to Resurrection Festival. 

5. The Pouring Rain

American Socks Old School Stripped calcetines rayas

The day we got there it was really sunny but things changed with the blink of an eye. 
While our friends Hyde Abbey were playing, the heavy rain started. Luckily we had our tent and could protect our boxes. Some people started to run from it, and some people started to play under it. 


6. Cafe Racer & Food Trucks

Our friends of Cafe Racer make the best pizzas ever. Did you meet them at the Festival food area? 

7. The Bring me the Horizon Controversy

American Socks Old School Stripped calcetines rayas

Brian Baker the guitar player at Bad Religion (And ex. Dag Nasty / Minor Threat) posted online a picture of a sign warning the festival crew, workers and bands about not staying in the way of Bring Me The Horizon band members. The UK metal band didn’t like it at all and got back with awful words. Baker, clever enough, got them on the ground real fast.
Read the whole story HERE


8. Iron Maiden

All the heavy-metalheads got into line and waited at the first row from early in the morning to get the closest experience of the legendary Iron Maiden.
The band performed a 120 minute set including some of the most wanted hits “Fear Of The Dark” or “The Number Of The Beast”. Unbelievable fireworks, 3D mapping and crushing sound is something that you definitely missed.


9. American Socks Playlist

This is the third year we're attending this event with American Socks
Promote the brand, have fun, and supply everyone with our fancy eco-friendly socks are our main goals :) 

  • Did You play the Crane Machine?
  • Did you buy Socks?
  • Did you dance to all the party songs we played the last day? 

If all the answsers are yes, you had the complete American Socks x Resurrection Festival experience :) 

Please check the aftervideo we did below: 


All pictures by @resurrectionfest 
Video by @americansocks