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5 Halloween Costume Ideas with American Socks

Halloween is around the corner and we're pretty sure you're still wondering what to wear. Don't stress out and plan ahead. We're here to help you out with some catchy ideas from this year's movie releases and pop culture. Ready? Let's dive into it.


1. Eleven @ Stranger Things

Dress up like Eleven! She is the main character in the Science Fiction series Stranger Things. Her super-powers are able to take action against the Demogorgon while trying to save Will from the Upside Down with her new friends. You can also eat some delicious Eggos while freaking everybody out!

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2. Harley Quinn @ Suicide Squad

Be the Super-Villain! Dye your hair put up some Ultra High Socks while you walk around with a baseball bat. Match it with a "Daddy's Lil Monster" tee and you're ready to beat up Batman.

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3. Red Hot Chili Peppers

SOX on COX is a concept created in the late 90s' by RHCP when the band was performing fairly naked (video here) in front of thousands of people in the crowd. Best of it? It's a pretty cheap costume as you only need to get some socks to cover your candle. This might be the best idea ever, but in late October you'll end up next day with a huge cold. 
You can use any of our socks! Check on your size, tough! Anthony Kiedis uses a pretty long one. ;)

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4. Zombie Apocalypse @ Football Team

The end is here and your college is full of zombies. Join the bloody family! Football Players and Cheerleaders are here to eat your brains. You'll only need some fake blood and to cover your equipation with a little of dirt.

Use any of our Knee High Socks to match your costume.

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5.  Giant Pumpkin

Grab a pair of Sunrise Knee High's (aka. Pumpkin in Halloween) or Back in Black Ultra High and match it with a DIY pumpkin costome. You just need an orange sweatshirt and patch up the eyes and mouth!

american socks halloween costume ideas stranger things

We'd love to see your costumes this Halloween, so remember to tag us when uploading any picture with @AmericanSocks or #AmericanSocks

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