Hey you!! We are back from our crazy weekend ❤️ we can't believe how awesome it was! 😍 As we already told you, our team took the vans and we went to a FIVE festivals in ONE single weekend! 

Map of festivals attended by American Socks last weekend

We had a crew at each of these festivals and they had a lot of fun, they chose a battle name for each other and smashed the festival.👊🏼 But what were the highlights of the weekend?🧐 Let's see!

1. Our lovely team from Rock am Ring, the incredibles Golden Coast☀️, had the opportunity to give Bring Me The Horizon and Papa Roach some socks!! We are very veeeery happy because they are some of our favourite bands.🤩 We hope they enjoy them!! 

 American Socks team giving Papa Roach some socks

2. We were the best in the moshpits! Our whole team went from side to side of the gigs and gave it their all moshing in the wildest pogos. They had a great time with everyone in the crowd.🖤

3. We are now one more in the family!😊 The amazings Free Stickers, our cool crew from Rock im Park, met the wonderful Maggie Lindemann. She was a sweetheart and they had a great time chatting with her about music and socks. We are happy to announce that she is now part of our socker community.🤟

Maggie Lindemann buying American Socks' socks

4. The team which went to Slam Dunk Italy are reals punk rockers. They played their hearts out at the Sum 41 live show and showed all the audience what it means to be a real socker. We are very proud of them!⚡️

Weekend recap at Slam Dunk Italy

This weekend has been a dream and we hope that for the sockers who have been with us or have come to see us in our Pop Up Stores, it has also been a wonderful experience.✨ See you at the next festival!🤙🏼

Weekend recap at SBAM