Team up with Musikee

We teamed up with Musikee, the online platform that will unchain the limits in music industry. Fanbase and Social Media meet at the communities where interaction with bands is direct and feedback is immediate. From now on, American Socks are going to be available as part of the rewards!
Musikee is a web platform specifically built for the artists and the professionals of the music industry, that allows to coordinate music fanbases with a missions and rewards system.

Here’s how it works: fans complete missions (eg: spread the word about a new album or videoclip, upload photos from a concert, involve their friends, share their memorabilia or fanart, leafleting in streets…) in order to gain credits and use them to get rewards from artists. Collecting enough credits, fans can get free admissions to Neck Deep tour dates, phone calls with Set It Off, setlists from State Champs concerts, picks from All Time Low, drumsticks from Zebrahead, signed CDs from Blood Youth and much more. The more a fan is involved in the artist promotions, the higher he is in the fans leaderboard, having the chance to be noticed by his favourite artists.

Check it out!