Want an Endless Summer? 10 Perfect Movies to Watch 🌴

Want an Endless Summer? 10 Perfect Movies to Watch 🌴

Ok, summer is almost over, but maybe you’re still waiting to go on vacation or you could be already back in town after spending your holidays during and you’re looking for some “summer vibes”. Summer never lasts enough, right?

No problem, we are here for you: what could you use better than a good movie to jump in the summer feelings you’re looking for?

We chose ten movies that you could appreciate when in need of “even more summer”, trying to avoid the thought of “brace yourself: Autumn/Winter are coming”.

Prepare some pop corn or some chips, get a beer or a soda and turn the air conditioning on: are you ready to feel the summer?


1. Unrelated

Maybe it’s because it was filmed in Italy, maybe the story, maybe both reasons… but this movie will make you feel like summer never really ends… metaphorically speaking.


2. Y Tu Mamà También

Mexico, two friends, a woman older than them and an irresistible sexual attraction: if you like happy endings this is not the movie for you… or maybe not, who knows?


3. Summertime

We’re talking about a movie that made the history: have you ever seen this amazing “Summer madness”? Nowadays you can define it “vintage”, but it’s really magic.


4. Lilo & Stitch

 It’s always the right moment to watch a Disney movie, right? This one is perfect to be watched during the summer and remember: “Ohana means family, family means nobody gets left behind or forgotten”!


5. The Parent Trap

 If you’ve never seen this movie maybe you’re very young or you don’t like Lindsay Lohan. If you’ve already seen it you know that it will be amazing to start a rewatch… right now!


6. (500) Days of Summer

 “This is a story of boy meets girl, but you should know upfront, this is not a love story”. You can’t watch this movie without feeling your stomach aching a little bit…


7. The Endless Summer

 Summertime is perfect to go surfing, right? Let’s follow this two guys all around the world and you’ll feel the sea on your skin.


8. Now and Then

 Do you know how flashbacks work, don’t you? This movie is a giant flashback, with all the feelings that it could bring… are you ready to look back with the protagonists?


9. Wet Hot American Summer

 On Netflix you now can find the sequel of this movie (and the prequel too, if you’re interested), but this movie, starting with its title, is a must watch in this season!


10. L'Auberge Espagnole

Barcelona, young people coming from all over the world and living under the same roof and a lot of things going on between them… this is a movie that could be very revealing, especially if you’re thinking of going on Erasmus.


Do you have the perfect movie to enjoy your summer even more, even when you’re not in the mood to go out with your friends and stay far from your sofa?

Which one of these movies do you prefer or which one do you think is not the one good for you to feel the summer on your skin without having to sweat?

Let us know: tweet us, write a comment on Facebook or send us a DM on Instagram… we’re so curious to hear from you!